The Difference Between setTimeout and setInterval

26 January, 2021

Until now I was only using setInterval not being aware of setTimeout. To be transparent I didn't need to use it until working on the Speed Writing Game Here's where setTimeout made a difference. I could have gotten way using setInterval for what I needed but it would have meant writing more code unnecessarily. My approach with setInterval looked…

Reading time: 1 minute

React Router how to dynamically updated search parameters of an URL

10 January, 2021

The SkiBuddies app is a web app one which one can search for skiers and snowboarders with a few filters. When doing this search I wanted the data to be shown in the URL which meant I needed to find a way to update the URL search parameters dynamically. The URL search parameters are everything that would come after a ? Like for example in this URL…

Reading time: 4 minutes

Understanding CSS display: inline; block; inline-block

07 January, 2021

When styling elements on a page it's important to understand what kind of elements these are. Inline elements Inline elements are elements that can be put inside block elements without taking a new line. An example of such elements are links <a>that can be inserted for example in titles or paragraphs or <span>. Another inline element is an image…

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3 Things I've learned by building the form-input-wave project

26 December, 2020

I'm following Florin Pop and traversymedia 50 Javascript, HTML, and CSS tutorials on Udemy. This is a great way to put into practice CSS properties I've learned but use rarely as well as do refresh some JavaScript DOM manipulation concepts. While going through the form-input-wave tutorial I got a better understanding on how some of the display…

Reading time: 3 minutes

Drawing a Christmas Robot with pure CSS

25 December, 2020

Looking back it's funny how I used to look at CSS art on codepen and think that I would never be able to do something similar. Around this time codepen sents a newsletter including a holdiday #CodePenChallenge. Those were impressive but not something I would touch until now. After going through some CSS basics tutorials I wanted to better…

Reading time: 2 minutes

CSS selectors - Who gets priority?

24 December, 2020

I always wondered how CSS selectors get priority. I knew it was classes above element selectors but was never very sure about the rest until recently when I did a CSS Fundamentals course by Kevin Powell on Scrimba. It might sound strange but I was not aware of the term specificity until this moment. A term I'm not sure I can pronounce. Specificity…

Reading time: 2 minutes

Why setting the focus outline: 0 on a button is bad

12 December, 2020

I’ve learned this thanks to the fact that I’ve shared learning about outline: 0. I was quite annoyed by the blue ring around my buttons whenever they were clicked but didn’t spend much time looking into it. I’m not a designer so I let it go easily. While working on some tutorials I discovered the outline: 0 option and was excited to share it. The…

Reading time: 2 minutes

Using CSS Transitions

09 December, 2020

Recently Florin Pop shared a course he worked on and just launched on Udemy, 50 Projects In 50 Days - HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Given the great promotion, 10 euros for the course, I decided to purchase it in support of his work. The idea of the course is to sharpen my HTML, CSS & JavaScript skills by building 50 quick, unique & fun mini projects…

Reading time: 1 minute

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